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Who Choose Us?

Our primary goal is your complete and total satisfaction in your project. Whether a shower, a tub (surround or roman), steam shower or a floor, our principle goal remains the same: customer satisfaction and long-term, maintenence-free craftsmanship.

Duration time

Most projects are completed in 1 to 2 weeks. It depends on the size of the job and the materials you want to use.

10Years Experience

With everything we’ve learned in our 10 years of tile and stone remodeling, we know how to turn your concept into a magnificent property.

Tile installation in kitchens

Redesign the appearance of your kitchen with a tile decoration, this will benefit you since you can clean the accumulated dirt in a more practical and simple way, just spray a little degreaser and voila, it will shine.

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Tile flooring

Another of the services most requested by our clients is the installation of anti-slip tiles for the floors of your bathrooms, in addition the walls can be covered with ceramic, this is of great help to make cleanings easier to carry out.

Marble installation

Marble is a highly durable material with a classic and neat appearance. the elegance it transmits is unmatched and it is generally used to highlight areas or spaces with neutral colors such as black and white since the mere presence of this mineral makes it look of great quality.

Tile flooring

Altamirano flooring team specializes in quality tile flooring installations, natural stone, marble and ceramic tile. Because every project is different, hiring the right contractor is essential, especially for long-term durability and hidden complications. When stone and tile flooring installations are combined with an elegant touch, the dazzling appearance of the finished product can last a lifetime.

Got a question? Call us on +1 404-603-6609

Got a question? Call us on +1 404-603-6609